Dupuytren Disease

Dupuytren disease is the most common inherited condition to affect the body's connective tissues.
It causes Dupuytren contracture - a progressive, permanent bend of the fingers.
10 million Americans and many more worldwide suffer from this crippling hand condition.
Current treatments provide temporary improvement: there is currently no cure - yet.

The Dupuytren Foundation

The Dupuytren Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit collaboration of physicians, scientists and patients working for a cure for Dupuytren disease and related conditions.

One Goal: Cure Dupuytren Disease

These are our tactics:

1. Public Education to raise awareness of Dupuytren disease and the need for better treatment options.

2. Collaborative Research: physicians, scientists, patients working together, using cutting edge genetic and data mining tools to find and fix the root cause.

3. Fundraising to support the education and research we need to find a cure.

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